The 5 Most in Demand Trade in Vehicles

With thousands of different car models out there, picking the right vehicle make may prove to be an uphill task even for the most seasoned motorists. As such, it’s imperative to rely on the reports gathered from other consumers in order to choose the best automobiles that suit your individual lifestyles. We asked Dan Jackson of Cash For Cars Perth, “what are the 5 most in demand trade ins at your dealership?” – this is the big question we posed to some select top auto dealers worldwide. The answers showed some highly liked car types that were invariably included in almost each of the replies. Read on to discover the top 5 card models in the current market.

1. Honda Fit
With a road test score of 67%, this vehicle is undoubtedly one of the most popular vehicles out there. According to first-hand testimonies of over 30 auto dealers in the current industry, this model is primarily liked due to its mechanical reliability and efficiency. Although the car may look rather small for many first users, it has comfortable second-row seats and additional space for cargo and such. Other dealers quoted its awesome rear-view camera facility that comes with this easy-to-park affordable runabout.

2. Subaru Impreza

This model is commonly preferred over other rival car types due to its peak efficiency and comfort that’s in sharp contrast to its compact size. In terms of speed and pick-up distance/acceleration, the model is simply second to none. With sophisticated intuitive controls and hatchbacks for extra cargo, the highly effective and efficient make is an irresistible option to millions of car lovers worldwide.

3. Toyota Camry

This vehicle surpasses thousands of other close competitors in the industry with a road test score of well over 80%. With many color varieties, this comfy option remains an awesome favorite among females and young motorists below 35 years. With accessorized space for bigger luggage capacity and automated handling mechanisms, it’s nearly everyone’s top choice.

4. Subaru Forester
There’s a good reason why Subaru Forester is called “the official car of New England.” In terms of fuel efficiency and comfort, nearly dealers admit to have very few equals in the present market. It”s not as roomy as the wagon category guzzlers in the industry but it’s worth the less cost and simple maintenance in the long run. Even in rural settings such as Africa, this vehicle is still an appealing choice among many trade-in punters.

5. Lexus RX
After hitting headlines as the new sleek machine on the road and ruling the auto efficiency charts for over a decade, Lexus RX hasn’t lost its enduring magic yet. That’s exactly why this unbeaten champion makes it to the coveted list of the most widely liked auto models globally. It’s a compelling pick to buyers looking for individuals seeking both comfort, luxury, and effortless efficacy.